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The Circle of Life

Established in 2002, Circle of Life is the result of many years of hard work and determination. Given our strategic location on the rail lines and our position at the intersections of two Interstate Highways in New Haven, the inception of aRecycling / Volume Reduction Facility seemed to be a natural fit combining the efficiency of the rails and our position not only in Connecticut, but in the Northeast. 

We are often asked the origin of the name Circle of Life and the answer is just as natural; the life of construction material does not end with the demolition of the structure in which it was initially used. Our facility exists to enable further use of many materials. We are especially proud of this project and continually strive to improve our processes thereby significantly reducing the waste stream and carbon footprint. 

Circle of Life VRF
 is open to municipal and private transfer stations alike as well as demolition haulers, roll off companies, contractors large and small, and of course, the general public. 

Currently, our hours of operation are as follows: 

Monday to Friday: 6am-4pm 
Saturday: 6am-12noon 
We can extend the above hours to accommodate high volume client’s schedules.

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