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Globally, scientists have become patiently aware of the permanent damage which has, and continues to be done to our atmosphere through the emissions of greenhouse gases. Additionally, this stranglehold which grips the U.S. economy by it's dependence on foreign oil, has now forced most American individuals, businesses, and governments to rethink their transportation options. The existing rail system has been undergoing massive improvements in both the passenger and freight areas, and new mass transit systems are in the works throughout the country. 

The use of rail for freight shipping has now been widely recognized as the most environmentally-friendly and energy efficient land transportation option. Because a freight train is more than three times as fuel efficient as a truck, shifting just 10 percent of long-haul freight from truck to rail would reduce fuel consumption by more than 1 billion gallons a year. 

As one of the largest CSX Transportation's east coast clients, Anastasio Group's Circle of Life, Anastasio Trucking and New Haven National Rail have become leaders in the rail freight industry. Equally important to our earnings ratios is our commitment to helping to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by providing rail as a transportation option to gas driven vehicles.

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